Parachute Panic full review

When we first played Parachute Panic back in May, it made us terribly angry. The game was fun in theory - like a mutant cross between Nintendo’s Parachute Game & Watch and Flight Control, as drawn in biro by someone with a slightly odd sense of humour - but in practice... Well, let’s just say that our iPhone nearly got chucked from a great height, just like the little parachutists in the game.

It wasn’t the controls, which are fine: you tap parachutists to open their parachutes, whereupon they drift lazily down the screen, subsequently influenced by swipes to create gusts of wind, the intention being to land them on a boat rather than in the jaws of a ravenous shark. It wasn’t the crazed UFOs and helicopters, which need five swift taps lest they kill hapless parachutists. It was the storm clouds, electrocuting any parachutist dumb enough to venture near them - except in most cases it simply wasn’t possible to move the little guys out of the way first.

Game makers always want to give you the belief that, next time round, you could do better and beat the game. Parachute Panic 1.0 didn’t give that impression at all - it all seemed terribly unfair - but version 1.1 shows how the tiniest of changes can transform a game. There’s now an ‘easy’ mode for beginners, and the clouds are less ferocious.

Combined with the excellent graphics (biro gore!), cheerful soundtrack and promise of updates (an online high-score system and new foes are apparently on the way), the revisions in gameplay ensure Parachute Panic now walks on air.

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