Peggle HD for iOS full review

Peggle, the popular iPhone app from the developers of Plants vs. Zombies, has finally arrived in HD for the iPad. The aim is to hit all of the orange pegs in gameplay reminiscent of pinball. With 55 levels and twelve quirky characters to guide you along the way, Peggle HD will keep iPad owners of all ages entertained for hours. A catchy soundtrack, and colourful graphics add to the Peggle HD experience.

Green pegs give you power ups, which vary depending on the stage you’re playing. For example, when playing a level with Renfield the Pumpkin to guide you, a green peg will give you the ‘spooky ball’ power up – an extra ball drops down from the top of the screen.

If your ball lands in the bucket that drifts back and forth at the bottom, you get a free ball.

There are four modes to choose from: Adventure, Quick Play, Challenge and Duel. Adventure follows the main story of the game. Quick Play allows you to replay levels that you’ve already completed in Adventure mode. Challenge mode is unlocked after completion of Adventure mode, and Duel is a two-player game that lets you play with a friend or the computer.

At higher levels moving pegs make hitting the orange pegs more challenging

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