Pinch for iPhone full review

Mobile Pinch by Coatsink Software is a refreshingly original puzzle game, in which your task is to slide coloured discs called norbs through mazes to an objective.

That sounds easy enough, but the mazes are filled with gates, barriers and other obstacles requiring you to use your norbs very carefully.

Pinch offers 72 included levels, which begin with tutorial missions. You’ll learn how to navigate through the different obstacles and how to combine norbs to form larger ones. Creating different-coloured ones results in a single norb of a blended colour. This is key to activating colour-specific barriers. The levels increase in complexity and size, with some of the latter ones covering as many as six iPhone screens. Pinch to resize and drag to scroll around the larger levels to get a lay of the land and plot your strategy.

Pinch involves sliding coloured norbs through mazes filled with various obstacles – the challenges will test the skills of puzzle lovers

Thanks to the tutorial levels, it is easy to get the basics mastered. Soon you’ll have to think though your moves in advance to ensure all your norbs make it safely to the goal. While each level is timed, there is no time limit. You don’t even have to complete a level to move on to the next. Time thresholds and locked levels would have certainly provided more incentive to work your way through all the levels.

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