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Plates is the second iPhone app from renowned illustrator Kyle T. Webster and in terms of style is some way advanced from the black and white basics of his White Lines debut. But like White Lines, a tricky memory game, Plates is simple yet addictive as you try and survive in the kitchen longer than one of Gordon Ramsay's lackeys.

Gameplay is so straight forward and intuitive no tutorials or practice sessions are needed. Armed with a selection of four colour coded sauce bottles, one in each corner of the screen, gamers simply splodge the corresponding food type as conveyor belts of meals appear on the screen. Dinner plates include steak, hot dogs and pancakes for the Homer Simpson in us all, while vegetarians will have to make do with a rather wholesome salad.

Plates for iPhone

To add to the fun some plates include two food types, which requires two sauce squirts in quick succession, made more difficult as the conveyor belts speed up as the game advances. If a plate disappears from view on the gameboard, it breaks. If five plates break, the game is over. Special bonus plates and power-ups can help you manage the chaos as your fingers go to work criss-crossing the screen.

After you pass around 750 points you will need to take great care when hot dogs rumble by. As the makers note: "Not all hot dogs are what they seem." At launch, Plates comes OpenFeint enabled, which currently means little more than comparing your efforts with other players around the world. However, developers Big Mouse Media and Peer Assembly have plans for something a little more interesting and competitive in a forthcoming update.

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