Predators for iPhone full review

Licensed games can be pretty poor, but Predators – an action game modelled on Robert Rodriguez’s latest movie – offers just the right mix of authenticity, well-rounded gameplay, and over-the-top violence.

The first time you open the game it asks you to sign up for the Crystal social network, but you can bypass this and continue as a guest.

Once the game starts, illustrated slides provide context and a back story. Each stage drops you into a detailed environment, with a few instructions about which skills to use and how many people you have to kill. Yes – people. This game casts you as one of the aliens working to exterminate humans. You have to kill a certain number to unlock each stage.

The controls are a responsive joystick on the screen’s left side, with an A and B button on the right. The joystick controls movements while combinations of A and B perform everything from blocks to decapitations. You can’t move the control scheme around, but you can turn off the music, sound effects and even the blood if you’re squeamish.

While the predators of the movies usually stalk their prey, the pace of the Predators game is much more frenetic. The game relies less on sneaking up on your foes and more on combos and brawling.

At any point, you can pause the game and consult the combo list to remember all of your manoeuvres. The further you progress in the game, the more skills and weapons you unlock to help you complete the ever-more-complicated missions. There are 24 in all, guaranteeing hours of carnage

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