Real Football 2009 [iPHONE] full review

Gameloft is one of the biggest players in mobile games out there, and so it should come as no surprise that it’s developing games for the iPhone. Real Football 2009 is a football simulation game that shows what happens when a big developer puts the time and effort to make a sports mobile game right.

Players will immediately develop an affinity for this pocket-size kickfest- incredible graphics, intuitive controls, and deep gameplay make this one of the best apps out there. With a number of weather conditions, stadiums, game-lengths, tournaments, and teams to choose from, Real Football 2009 is a must-have for any football addict.

You not only get to play with teams from the UK, but also as top-tier Spanish, Italian, German, South American, American, and Scottish league teams. If you ever wanted to see how Moscow would stack up against Celtic, it’ll only take you a couple clicks to set up an exhibition match. I have some minor quibbles with the naming of some teams, though—my beloved Arsenal is listed as “London” and Manchester United and Manchester City are listed as “Man Red” and “Man U,” respectively.

The controls are fairly intuitive - you control movement and the direction of the ball with a gamepad that appears in the bottom left corner during play. There are two buttons on the right - when you have the ball, one button handles passing and the other is for shooting; while those buttons control stealing and slide tackling when the opposition is in control. But the real genius of the controls becomes evident when your team has to perform a throw-in. In order to throw the ball in, you can tilt the iPhone to dictate where the ball will go, shaking the phone to throw the ball itself. It’s a really simple and clever way to incorporate the iPhone’s accelerometer into gameplay.

The controls utilize a pretty classic setup but it took us a few games to get used to the feel of the gamepad, mainly because you can’t actually feel it. Take a look at the ‘Controls’ part of the options – there are loads of tricks that you can perform using the touchscreen.

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