Real Racing 2 full review

The original Real Racing set the standard for racing games on iPhone and iPod touch – a very high standard. Real Racing 2 manages to raise the bar even further to bring you possibly the best racing game available for iOS so far.
Real Racing 2 improves on just about everything the original offered and adds much more.

The most obvious addition is the inclusion of licensed cars. There are 30 to choose from nine manufacturers, such as BMW, Ford, and Nissan.

You can race among 16 cars (up from six) across 15 locations in four different game modes: career, quick race, time trial, and local WiFi and online multiplayer. In career mode, you complete races to earn money and reputation points. Use your money to purchase cars or customise the ones you own.

More cars on the track translates to more action and close calls

Reputation points help you qualify for more challenging divisions and races.

Fortunately, frame-rates don’t suffer from the detailed tracks, gorgeous environments, and 16-car grids. The action is buttery smooth and the Retina display is sharp on iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod touch. The game also supports older iOS devices. Steering is precise with accelerometer control, and there are six other tuneable control methods to choose from. The career mode is good for many hours of gameplay, and once you’re comfortable with your skills, go online for 16-player races.

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