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Less than 10 days into the zombie apocalypse, and my small band of survivors has developed a taste for human flesh. Ostensibly good people, it all started innocently enough: one of our guys died, we were low on food so ate him to survive. Before you know it, the food crisis had us selecting the least able and most juicy for a mid-apocalyspe snack.

Despite this grim introduction, Rebuild is actually quite flippant and funny in parts. It's not your standard zombie adventure, there's no quick reactions required. It's a turn-based strategy RPG where you have to gradually rebuild a settlement, all the while scavenging for supplies, trying to recruit more survivors and slowly reclaiming the surrounding buildings from the undead. You have to balance the priorities quite finely – overlook the food situation and people die. Overexpand too rapidly and you'll have more mouths to fill with less and less food to put in them. Don't expand enough, and you'll struggle to defend against the undead who shamble around your city walls.

The aim is to win back enough buildings that your community can thrive, and there's plenty of settings to play with. Not only easy to hard mode, but also allowing you to play in winter where farming is impossible and scavenging the only way to get by.

Download Rebuild for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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