Resident Evil 4 iPad Edition full review

Resident Evil 4 iPad Edition brings the celebrated title to Apple’s tablet. Fans of the Resident Evil series will appreciate the game’s HD transition to the iPad, but newcomers and old-hands alike will bemoan the game’s limited controls.

Resident Evil 4 casts you as Leon S Kennedy, a US agent tasked with rescuing the president’s kidnapped daughter. Along the way, you’ll encounter hoards of zombies and other unpleasant individuals who want to kill you. Your job is to kill them first.

Unfortunately, Resident Evil 4 iPad Edition makes that unnecessarily difficult. When we reviewed the iPhone edition we praised the virtual d-pad’s responsiveness, and that carries over into the iPad edition. However, we also criticised the fact that you have to hit the action buttons to enter and exit shooting/stabbing/walking modes.

You’d assume that Capcom would address these complaints about the iPhone version when bringing Resident Evil 4 to the iPad. But you’d be wrong. Because you can’t fire your gun or use your knife while moving, you’re constantly forced to toggle between those modes. Since it takes a moment to make the switch, you often leave yourself vulnerable to your attacking enemies. It’s lousy.

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