Scribblenauts Remix review

Scribblenauts Remix is an exciting game where you have to create tools to let your avatar (Maxwell) interact and solve tasks.

The game starts off with a hint on what you have to do, then tap OK and it will show you what you have to work with, e.g. background, objects etc. When you have finished looking around the screen, you tap the notepad and pencil icon in the top right and type in what object you want – you can use adjectives as well as nouns, e.g. yellow flower, big banana, etc.

Helpfully, if what you've written doesn't match the Scribblenauts dictionary, the game comes up with a  list of words that are similar to a word you have written. You can then tap the word you wanted – or go back and rewrite the word.

After you have chosen either way the screen will automatically change back to where you were at the beginning. Here you will see the object that you typed in in the middle of the screen. If the object didn’t work, you click and drag the object to the notepad and pencil icon, which would turn into a rubbish bin and will delete the object. When you have completed the task correctly a star will appear in the sky and drop down for you to collect. The screen will then say ‘level complete’ and then you are ready to go to the next level.

In the above level, your first hint is 'The man needs a haircut! Give the stylist the tool she needs!' You tap the notepad and pencil icon in the top right-hand corner, type in the object you think will work (scissors) and give them to the stylist. The next hint is 'This woman needs her hair styled!’. Again you tap the notepad and pencil icon again, but this time type in a different object (curlers) and give them to the stylist.

The last hint is 'this woman needs her hair dyed blonde!’ Tap the notepad and pencil icon one more time and type in a different object again (bleach) and if it is the right one you have completed the game.


The wonderful thing about Scribblenauts Remix is that there are no limits on what you can imagine and create no matter what task you have. For example your task may be to make a city instead of typing in ‘house’ you could type in a specific type of house like ‘castle’ or ‘mansion’, there are many different types of every thing.

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