The Sims 3 for iPhone full review

The EA Mobile developers have done a great job of simplifying The Sims 3 character customisation screen for the iPhone. Though you’re limited to just one age demographic, you can still create a unique Sim. The personality traits are also pretty much intact. The AI is impressive in that each character interacts independently according to their predefined personality traits and persona.

The mini games represent the best use of the iPhone’s unique control set-up in The Sims 3. The biggest complaint we have is that there are too few.

That’s the larger issue with The Sims 3: there isn’t much to see or do aside from dress up your Sim’s apartment, babysit their bodily functions and maybe build relationships.

Getting around town is no easy task. The map view in The Sims 3 for Mac is an icon-based system that lets you click where you want to go. The map view for the iPhone version is a birds-eye view where your Sim appears as a gamepiece that you can move around. Moving your Sim to any location requires a confirmation screen for the move and then a load screen – making movement disjointed.

Occasionally, your Sim will express a wish, which appears as a little icon in the bottom right of the screen. These wishes are time-sensitive and some are impossible to complete when they randomly appear.

The Sims 3 for iPhone stumbles when it comes to character interaction. Sometimes the relationship icon will open a mean set of interactions and sometimes it will offer you new nice interactions. The ambiguity can be frustrating.

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