SongPop 1.1.39 for iOS full review

SongPop, as a concept, is simple enough – it’s a music quiz. What’s different about this app is it’s a music quiz that allows you to pick who you’re playing against, and invariably every quiz will be different.

Five song samples are played within a specific genre – e.g. Love Songs, 90’s Alternative, Rock – and if you get the answers to the questions posed correct before your friend you win. A perfect score of 5/5 will open up more songs and hence increase the life of the game further.

Name the tune before your friend does.. or they win.

If you can’t answer a particular question, you have the option of a 50/50 split but you only have six of them to use.. so save them for when the challenges get really heated.

It all seems to be set around weekly tournaments: a nice idea, but has the potential to cause friction within the house if your partner scores rather more than you.

As you’d expect, at the end of each round a list of the songs used in the quiz is provided so you can download the tunes from iTunes should you wish.

The more rounds you win, the more coins you get – you need coins to open up further playlists and hence increase the variety of songs available for your quizzes. When you’ve got 249 coins tap the Get More Playlists icons and you’ll be able to choose a new genre to add to your game. Some will cost more, and you can buy coins from $2 to $25. $25 will, effectively, buy all the available playlists.

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