Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode II full review

Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode II is set on Little Planet, which has returned to the planet Mobius. The evil Dr Eggman plans to construct a Death Egg over the dwarfed planet to power it. Sonic and Tails will need to fight the revived Metal Sonic, then defeat Dr Eggman before escaping in space pods to win the game.

It plays much like the other Sonic the Hedgehog games – you use on-screen controls and can also make use of the accelerometer to control the action on screen. Tails is an integral part of the game, and can either be controlled by the iPad or across a network by one of your friends – Tails can help Sonic reach heights he can otherwise not reach; and the two together can perform various attacks to achieve maximum impact.

There are a number of hidden stages, accessible via half-pipes, in which you collect a certain number of rings before the end to receive a Chaos Emerald.

Red Star rings are hidden within each level, and you open up an achievement after collecting all of them.

If you have both Episode 1 and Episode II you’ll unlock an additional episode – Episode Metal – which explains how Metal Sonic came back to life (following his defeat in Sonic CD); the acts are variants upon those features in Episode I and explain the significance of those to the story as a whole.

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