Soosiz full review

Gaming on the iPhone is a decidedly hit-and-miss affair, consisting on streaks of genius amidst a mire of mediocrity. Fortunately Soosiz for iPhone is one of those absolute gems that show just how good a game on the iPhone can be.

Ostensibly this is a platform game, and you control a yellow blob with feet and green hair. The aim is to make your way throughout a level picking up coins, and collecting other yellow blobs while hunting for the exit. The other blobs follow you around, and some give you the power to jump higher.

All this would be pretty mundane, were it not for a stroke of genius. The platforms are circular and the whole level rotates in 360 degrees. And each platform has a gravitational pull, so you can jump from one platform to another. When it starts the game mostly involves bouncing around on enemies and making your way from one platform to another; as it progresses it becomes a fiendish puzzle challenge as you hurl yourself from one platform to try and swing into another.

Soosiz for iPhone has some wonderful level design created using circular platforms

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