South Park Imaginationland full review

Fans of South Park will recognise Imaginationland as the three-part story that won an Emmy Award in 2008. It’s also been turned into a game for the iPhone and iPod touch. And though it has the feel of a game assembled by a committee of executives with an eye toward promoting a franchise, South Park: Imaginationland ends up working well as a platform/puzzle game.

Players help Butters bounce and fly through more than 60 levels while collecting rainbow tokens within a given time limit. Butters also has to avoid traps, such as bombs and spikes.

Graphics are funny and it’s got the proper South Park voice acting. The controls make the game interesting, and there’s an amusing sense of guesswork to Butters’ movements. While you can control the characters’ movements to a degree by tilting the handset, you can also bounce off mushrooms or other surfaces to gain ‘imagination power’. Once enough Imagination has been built up, you can use a swiping motion to fling Butters in a controlled direction.

While Imaginationland runs extremely well, the controls feel as if they need work. Finally, a dearth of sounds leaves Butters yelling the same things whenever you lose a life - it can get pretty tiring.

Still, as frustrating as the game can be, it’s easy to return to Imaginationland. The game saves your progress, allowing you to quickly pick up from where you left off. A combination of unlockable levels and prizes keeps the player coming back, but there’s a certain hit or miss factor here - South Park fans may love the game while others will probably look elsewhere.

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