Spy vs Spy for iPhone full review

Spy vs Spy is a two-player iPhone game, and a remake of a similar title from the 1980s.

This two-player battles of wits/patience is a Retina-ised remake of a 1984 game spun out of the oddly toothless US satire institution that is Mad Magazine. While the graphics for this tale of the White Spy vs the Black Spy have been duly spruced-up, sadly the controls haven't been quite so lucky.

What should be a tense and thrilling bout of creeping around a labyrinthine mansion, setting traps for the other guy and taking high-risk chances as to whether a picture frame, wardrobe or door leads to treasure or death is instead an infuriating exercise of battling against the unforgiving controls. And like Angry Birds, it has the appearance of being comedic but the reality is blandly wit-free.

Mysteriously an App Store smash hit, it might well have a certain pop-cultural heritage (especially on the other side of the pond) but it's got about as much charisma as it has real strategy - which is to say almost none.

Spy vs Spy for iPhone

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