Starfront - Collision© full review

If the game’s name doesn’t already ring a bell, the gameplay certainly will. The designers definitely had Starcraft in mind when they created Starfront. And if you’re going to imitate, you might as well imitate the best. Starfront doesn’t achieve quite the refinement of a Blizzard title, but as a mobile stand-in, it’s surprisingly fun and easy to pick up.

Each of the 20 missions follows a narrated story, complete with cut-scenes and details worthy of console or PC games. The gameplay is also typical of real-time strategy games. You’ll mine minerals to construct buildings and train armies to accomplish your objectives – usually by defeating the enemy races.

Real-time strategy games often succeed or fail based on their interfaces, and the small screen on an iPhone or iPod touch makes this an extra challenge. Starfront does an excellent job by giving you instant access to necessary controls and status information. You can hide and reveal menus as you need them, freeing much of the screen for the impressive visuals.

Starfront is reminiscent of Blizzard’s Starcraft real-time strategy franchise

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