Swordigo for iOS full review

Swordigo *should* be terrible. It looks like something made for Children’s BBC in 1992 and has dialogue that even Michael Bay would consider too simplistic, but at the same time it’s pulled off the bottled lightning of great touchscreen combat controls.

Primarily an action roleplaying game – i.e. hack and slash augmented by long-range magic-zapping – with a spot of puzzling, it’s an absorbing, retro-feeling adventure despite the lousy presentation. Levelling up, unlocking new skills and buying new gear lends a sense of purpose even if the banal plot doesn’t, and the net result is a sort of Legend of Zelda-lite.

If Swordigo’s action mechanics were dropped into something more aesthetically pleasing, this would likely be hailed as a modern iOS classic. As it is, it’s an agreeable enough distraction that, if nothing else, puts the lie to the claim that touchscreen controls aren’t suited to tradtional videogames.

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