Temple Run 2 full review

If you're reading this, you've probably already played Temple Run 2, such is the speed and ferocity of its success. Like the ubiquitous first game, it's an 'auto-runner' wherein you make snap reactions as your fleeing Indiana Jones-alike strives to dodge fatal drops, spikey boulders, hitting walls at speed and the enormous monkey-monster which forever pursues him/her. Death is inevitable, as is having 'just one more go.'

The major changes are the vastly-improved (though oddly more bland) graphics and clutch of new stuff to unlock. New characters, special powers, upgrades/cheats - you know the sort of thing. The game is free, and everything can be unlocked without spending if you're willing to give the game hours and hours of your life, but it'd really like it if you did lob it a few quid to shortcut the wait. 

Download Temple Run 2 from the App Store here

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