Terminator: Salvation for iPhone full review

Terminator: Salvation is a third-person shooter in which you guide John Connor and new character Marcus through post-apocalyptic LA and deep inside Skynet’s headquarters. The game throws a slew of baddies at you, including the T-600 Terminators. Other enemies include T-1 tanks, robotic spider mites, and Terminator attack motorcycles.

To kick some metal butt, you have an arsenal including a shotgun, assault rifle, grenade launcher and surge cannon. Switching through your guns is a tap on the touchscreen, though there is no reload button. After defeating baddies, you’ll be able to pick up dropped microchips to unlock additional content. You’ll also be able to use the iPhone’s motion-sensor controls to play hacking minigames periodically.

The enemy AI is so stupid it’s a wonder humanity was ever threatened. The enemy Terminators simply walk towards you and shoot. Booby-traps and land mines are usually bigger threats than enemy robots. If you do die, checkpoints are frequent so you won’t have to repeat long stretches of a stage.

The pixelated graphics and languid environments leave much to be desired. The bombed-out environments, though varied, appear grainy and there’s so little interaction with them that they could just as easily be painted on 2D screens.

The game’s story feels like Warner Bros cut the script of any spoilers to the movie. The result is a mess that only offers a two part-mission for Marcus (who we get no introduction to) who must meet up with another character (who?) and escape (why?).

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