Thick Lips for iOS full review

Thick Lips is a whack-a-mole type arcade game that requires players to know when to whack and when to wait. Rather than the molded, crusty looking mole game you remember from your childhood, this version features several enemies (with, you guessed it, thick lips) all with different ways of tripping you up. Some enemies teleport without warning, and a mistimed tap will cost your health meter to suffer. Overall, the game is about learning the patterns of the enemies, and trying to smack them at the right time; if you wait too long to hit, the bad guys explode, damaging your health and keeping you from advancing further in the game.

This iOS take on a classic arcade game is fun, right off the bat. There’s a roulette-style excitement that surfaces as you wait, not knowing quite where the next swollen-mouthed creature will pop up. Overall, the pacing is the most attractive element in this game; Thick Lips is fast-moving and runs flawlessly (while other quick iPhone games stall and freeze).

I can’t really pinpoint who this game is for. I tired of it quickly; there’s literally no brainpower required to excel at Thick Lips. Even in the harder levels, it’s only a matter of being able to rub your stomach while patting your head. That is, you can get into a meditative state of knowing when to tap and when to refrain, and you’ll conquer levels with no problem. Yet, the game is too hard, too fast-paced to be intended for the younger demographic that’s easier sold on the whack-a-mole type entertainment. Overall, Thick Lips fell somewhere between the two.

While it takes a bit of practice to complete all ten levels and unlock the endless mode, the game gets old fast. Yes, each level reveals a new enemy with some power (invisibility, transportation, rapid growth), but it’s still just quick finger play. After the adrenaline of the quick-paced gameplay wears off, Thick Lips begins to feel rather dull.

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