Tiny Invaders for iPad and iPhone full review

Out of the ashes of Bizarre Creations comes a speeding Hogrocket, and the studio’s debut iOS game, a top-down puzzler. Tiny Invaders follows the adventures of a troop of space germs, who have been sent to take over the world. Your mission is to travel from host to host, taking control of their feeble human minds by navigating around track-like capillaries and changing them from bright red to sickly green.

The minuscule aliens zip around by themselves, but you can speed them up with a tap, or tap one of the junctions to switch their path, a bit like a railway sim. This simple mechanic evolves smoothly as capillaries become more complex and additional hazards like defender white blood cells are introduced. Tiny Invaders’ charm, challenge and clever design make it well worth a recommendation.

You can download Tiny Invaders for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store now

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