Touh Physics full review

Touch Physics is an unusual game from Gamez 4 Touch. It has a charming look and a simple premise. The game presents 50 levels, and challenges players to use a virtual crayon and their imagination to overcome some pesky physics.

The object of the game is deceptively simple. A small wheel falls from the top of the screen, and you have to guide it to intercept a little yellow star through 50 uniquely designed levels. A free version of Touch Physics limits you to six levels, but lets you get the hang of the premise and controls.

To guide the wheel, you draw objects on the screen with crayons. The objects can be of almost any size and shape, but they’re all affected by the physics of the game. If the wheel falls off the bottom of the screen, the game resets. If you find yourself stuck, a quick shake restarts things at the beginning of the level.

Touch Physics provides hours of enjoyment - and potentially a little frustration - as you attempt to solve the most difficult levels. Some of the levels will require you to act fast, while others allow you to plot your path and slowly draw the necessary shapes to get the wheel to the star.

While physics is involved, other than shaking your iPhone to reset the level, tilting it from side to side won’t help you coax the wheel as you might like, which could be seen as a trick missed.

Also, you’ll quickly learn that drawing objects on top of one another will produce some interesting effects, which, right or not, can help you breeze through some tricky levels.

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