Triple Town full review

Just when you thought you’d matched shapes into threes in every way imaginable, Triple Town comes along and shakes up the formula.

The premise is simple: you’re building a town on a small 6 x 6 grid filled with bushes and trees. You do this by grouping items into threes: three trees become a hut, three huts become a house and so on.

Unlike other Match 3 games, where the board is constantly full and refilling, the aim is to maintain enough space to keep developing through clever placement of structures. Adorable bears try to wreck this – they wander around until you trap them, turning into grave stones (three of these make a church). 

You keep going until you run out of moves, and getting a new highscore is compulsive. Although it’s free, you can pay a one-off ‘unlimited turns’ pack for £2.49 – and almost everyone we know has. 

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