Uplink for iOS full review

Uplink is a taut, hacking-themed iPad game that's well worth a look.

Now here's an old PC game that's entirely well-suited to iPad. 2001 hacking sim Uplink was the herald of an (eventual) new age of independently made videogames, and it's managed to retain its tension and strange drama over a decade later.

Rarely showing more than a blue map populated by nodes which can be hacked into with simple but precise actions, Uplink offers far more than even the spangliest graphics ever could simply by dint of immersion. Trying not to be caught remotely invading banks, goverment offices and global corps, unravelling a wider consipracy and gradually upgrading your raft of hacking tools offers a taut, paranoid few hours.

The Hollywood-style hacking the game offers suits touchscreens surprisingly well, as coolly tapping on the map to near-instantly hack into a computer on the other side of the world winds up playing into the Sneakers/Swordfish/Hackers fantasy.

Uplink game for iOS

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