Vorble for iPad and iPhone full review

Multiplayer puzzle game Vorble looks for all the world like a lost toy fad from the 1980s. There's no way it could be anything but a videogame, though - if all the little pegs you need to move around were physical, there'd be an epidemic of hospitalised toddlers.

It's a simple but ultimately fiendish affair. The game 'board' is a football-shaped orb of hexagons and pentagons, with each of two players placing one peg into one facet of it per turn. Managed to place a sixth peg in a pentagon or a seventh in a hexagon and it'll cause a 'cascade' - your pegs flying outwards into the surrounding spaces and capturing any opponent's pegs lurking therein.

Sounds simple, but the key to success is planning combined cascades far in advance - so placing a sixth peg in one square causes a seventh peg to leap into another, and ideally snatching away four or five enemy pegs in the process. It can all be over in seconds, or can become a bitter grudge match.

You can get Vorble for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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