The Walking Dead: Assault full review

Mean-spirited zombie apocalypse comic The Walking Dead has become a license to print money, but so far the videogame adaptations have been surprisingly thoughtful. The Walking Dead: Assault isn't to be confused with the moving, characterful The Walking Dead: The Game, as this is top-down, squad-based strategy game rather than a point and click adventure/moral drama.

Starring Rick and co from the comic/TV series, it's about navigating a poorly-armed and fragile troupe around zombie-infested streets, trying to conserve ammo and minimise casualties. Assault is intense and brutal and requires extreme caution, as it should, but a greedy over-reliance on in-app purchases to boost character abilities and unlock much-needed new squad members causes some major damage to what would otherwise be a thoughtful and good-looking portable strategy game. 

Download The Walking Dead: Assault for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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