White Lines for iPhone full review

When renowned New York illustrator Kyle T. Webster announced his first iPhone application, many might have hoped for something visually stunning and seductive based on his award winning work. Something of a shock then to discover that White Lines for iPhone and iPod touch, developed in collaboration with Peer Assembly, is stark and black and white.

The puzzle memory game is visually simple, a sequence of white marks and lines you redraw once they appear on screen. As the makers point out, it takes about 10 seconds to get to grips with but much longer to master. Lines must be drawn in the same order and direction as they first appear, although thankfully you don't have to be precious about where exactly you leave your mark. White Lines is more memory test than drawing test, and the challenge gets increasingly difficult over a series of levels from 'Easy' to 'Are You Nuts?

Gameplay works on two levels, a quick blast can clear the cobwebs on a short trip or when you simply need to pass time. The advanced levels ensure there’s depth to the repetition as you try and complete the more complex sequences, which might take up an hour or two of your time. A red 'X' is displayed along with an error sound when any mistakes are made.

In the promotional material, Kyle T. Webster points to White Lines being an effective aid to memory. "The game was originally conceived as a fun way to exercise one's short-term memory skills because it makes use of the essential short-term memory improvement actions: concentration, repetition, pattern building, and a gradual increase in information absorption," Webster notes. While that is difficult to quantify, we definitely felt a positive effect from this deceptively simple challenge.

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