Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone full review

This first-person role-play game has all the makings of a great game with a humorous twist. In between slaying bad guys and freeing prisoners, you find yourself booting mutant chickens across the room or punching the heads off skeletons. As the elite forces hero BJ Blazkowicz, you kick, punch, and blast your way through Castle Wolfenstein to save the world from the evil Axis Army.

Along the way you talk to prisoners, interrogate scientists, and read clipboards to unravel the game’s plot – all the while fighting zombies, soldiers, mutant bosses, and more.

Though it has RPG in the title, Wolfenstein RPG isn’t a hard-core role-playing game. It’s more of a turn-based action game with RPG elements. Being a turn-based game means when you fight enemies, each action – taking a step or firing a weapon – takes one turn; then the enemy takes his turn before you can act again. Some people will find this style of play a little stiff, but we actually found it quite enjoyable.

There are many kinds of weapons in Wolfenstein RPG, from handguns and flame throwers to dynamite and machine guns. If that’s not really your style, you can always throw up your dukes and punch the bad guys in the face.

Aside from the main quest, Wolfenstein RPG also has two mini games – Chicken Kicking and War. In Chicken Kicking, you kick chickens at a target, while War is a classic card game of chance.

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