You Don't Know Jack for iPad review

You Don’t Know Jack has been around since the early 1990’s. It’s a trivia-quiz game with its own host, Cookie Masterson. Cookie is an atypical quiz-show host with constantly comical responses to both correct and incorrect answers.

The game itself consists of a number of rounds. Each round will have the same questions each time; so between the twenty rounds there are a total of 200 questions. You can expand upon this with additional question packs of which there are presently four.

The content is topical: Charlie Sheen features as does Rebecca Black but the focus is very much American so if this will be a problem it may not be the ideal game choice for you.

Features from the original PC/Mac versions – Jack Attacks and Dis or Dats – are also included but unlike those you can pause the game by touching the screen with two fingers.


You Don’t Know Jack has made a good transition to the iPad. Yes, the content is American in focus and it would be nice to have a UK question pack. Stunning graphics are not on offer either – it’s pretty much questions and animated intros to questions – but the humour alone makes the £2.99 asking price easily justifiable.

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