Boblbee Velocity full review

There are many backpacks available for 13in MacBook and iPad owners, but most of them are aimed at regular commuters rather than cyclists.

The Boblbee Velocity, however, is aimed at those who like to cycle, and as such it's designed to keep the device safe from knocks and tumbles. Cycling is increasingly becoming the way to get around Macworld UK's base town of London, thanks in part to a public cycle scheme and dedicated cycle 'Super Highways' and it's something we've taken to with relish.

Boblbee Velocity

So the Boblbee Velocity has been firmly put through its paces and delivers the required results. It's light, weighing in at just 900grams, but feels solid enough to withstand being dropped. It's made from EVA body (vaccum compressed foam) according to Boblbee, which gives it the solid feel that most backpacks lack.

Inside is pocket designed to hold an iPhone, and a single sleeve to hold either a MacBook or iPad in place. The rest of the pack is a large space to store various bits and bobs. Inside the lid is a zippered area that can be used to hold items that you need in a hurry (keys, wallet, and so on).

As this is a cycle backpack, key parts of the pack are coated in highly reflective material to enable you to stay safe.

It may be priced a tad higher than most other bags, but we think it's money well spent.

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