BookArc for iPad review

The BookArc for iPad is an attractive and thoughtfully-designed product. However, it’s somewhat hindered by limited viewing angles.

The stand is made from a single piece of heavy-gauge steel, fashioned into a graceful arc with gentle, pleasant curves.

Your iPad fits into the BookArc’s slot vertically or horizontally. The narrow design of this slot holds the iPad upright for watching video, using the iPad as a digital photo frame, typing using a Bluetooth keyboard, or performing occasional touchscreen tasks. Because of the BookArc’s low profile and fairly shallow base, the stand isn’t quite as stable as the other metal models we’ve tested – the iPad moves slightly when tapping on the screen, and a firm jab at the top of the screen can tip the whole thing over when the iPad is oriented vertically. But for light-contact use, it’s sufficiently steady.

The BookArc offers little in the way of viewing angles. This is understandable, given its shallow footprint and low profile – too much lean and the iPad and stand would quickly fall over. However, the fact that the BookArc holds your iPad at only a single almost vertical position limits its usability somewhat.

The BookArc is a straightforward way to keep an iPad vertical


There’s a lot to like about the BookArc, though. It’s attractive, well-made, and reasonably priced for a solid-metal stand. And if your iPad is wearing a shell-style or Apple’s own case, the BookArc will even accommodate that protection – something that Apple’s iPad Dock and several other stands we’ve seen can’t do. On the other hand, due to the small footprint, it’s not as stable as the other metal stands we’ve tested, and its single viewing angle means you should take a good look at how you’ll be using your iPad to see if you’ll want more viewing options.

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