Booqpad Agenda full review

At last someone has invented a way to combine an unbleached, acid-free notepad made of 30 per cent post-consumer content within easy reach of an iPad 2, all wrapped up in genuine Nappa leather and backed up with slots for business cards, space for large theatre tickets and even a special holding area for a pen. Old-world Filofax styling meets new-world technological power, and the only loser will be your wallet, which may or may not be constructed with equal quality.

Clearly aimed at the image-conscious executive market, the Booqpad Agenda seems priced specifically to keep the riff-raff well away. But at near £90, is it really too much to ask for more adaptability?

Essentially, it’s a thick and well-made, neat-fitting cover built of full-grain sheepskin that comes with a notepad made of recycled paper – which, considering that an animal died for the overall build, doesn’t seem especially green, nor particularly luxurious.

Suitable for left or right-handed users, this Filo-case can only be used in a single open position, where you’re encouraged to doodle while simultaneously accessing whatever Apps your meeting, flight or train journey requires.

When closed the Agenda looks exactly like something Gordon Gekko would take to meetings, but appearances really can be deceiving.

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