Breffo Spiderpodium tablet full review

At first glance and packaged flat, the Spiderpodium tablet from Breffo looks like it might be an over-sized child's toy or hand stress reliever. The spider inspired gadget is actually a novel stand for iPad, and those other tablets that aren't iPad. With eight very tactile and seemingly durable legs to play with, you manipulate each to cradle your device at almost any angle that best suits your needs. 

Breffo Spiderpodium tablet  

While the promotional material for the stand shows a very uniform look, each leg perfectly positioned, in practice manipulating each so uniformly requires some effort. We settled for a stand that resembled a spider with arthritis, which while hardly symmetrical, did a good job of holding our iPad in place on both desktop and softer chair armrest. We were also able to position the iPad hanging from a spare monitor and secured from a book shelve, although we had second thoughts over hanging it from a balcony. There's give and bounce in the stand, which is a little concerning, although we have yet to have any issues with the iPad falling or Spiderpodium collapsing. 

Breffo Spiderpodium tablet  

The stand weighs in at a modest 141 g, and when flattened, makes a convenient, lightweight, bulk free companion on the road as well as an amusing talking point. A minority of customer feedback on a well-known shopping site suggests the Spiderpodium legs break, which is likley only if you have unwittingly bought a cheap copy. We've spent a good week bending, twisting and stretching the Spiderpodium beyond normal wear and tear and have yet to see any signs of damage. Manufacturers Breffo point to a busy trade in fake stands from China and offer advice on spotting and reporting counterfeit products. For those who care, and we should care, the Spiderpodium and Breffo products are made in the UK.

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