BTKeyMini review

The Macally keyboard suffers from the same issues as the Cygnett KeyPad. The physical size of the keys could be a major issue if you don’t have small hands – the ergonomics of keyboards in this class will always be an important part of the debate. The keyboard itself is well built and comes with a protective case that many other keyboards of its type lack.

In use, the keys have good travel but were a bit rattly for our taste. For more extensive emails or note taking, you could use this keyboard for long periods – it just wouldn’t be a great experience.

It is possible to use the keyboard with just your thumbs, but touch typists may find that their accuracy suffers. If you do decide to hold the keyboard in both hands, it’s light and rigid.

The BTKeyMini also boasts an integrated stand: a slot accommodates your iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation. The viewing angle could be a little better, but having a stand and keyboard together is a real bonus for portable working. But the overall package feels a bit too plasticky, with the makers having made no attempt to inject any design flair into their keyboard and stand.


We would have described this keyboard as cheap and cheerful – until we saw the price. For a keyboard that is just about functional, we would have expected a lower price, or for the money, a few more features. It uses scissor-switch keys that allow for a shorter travel, making them ideal for this style of keyboard; this is a compact option with cover and stand that is faily usable. But the advice for this one will always be try before you buy.

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