Cooling Lounge review

Belkin’s Cooling Lounge is for those who like to use their MacBook while sitting on the sofa or resting it on their lap. It has a cushioned base and hard plastic top with a built-in fan, powered by plugging it into your laptop via USB.

The patented wave design  and airflow of the Cooling Lounge directs cool air towards your laptop and hot air away from it. The Cooling Lounge also works well on a desk, creating a comfortable angle for typing, although it’s not as comfortable as the other stands here.

Belkin’s patented design helps to keep your laptop completely cool


The fan gives off a slight hum, only audible in a silent environment, but it’s not ideal for use on a cold day, as it emits a chilly breeze. It’s arguably the least attractive of the four stands on test, but it’s by far the best at keeping your laptop cool, and is also the cheapest.

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