Cygnett KeyPad full review

The issue that all portable keyboard makers face is the question of how small they can get before they are unusable.

This ultra-compact example from Cygnett is on the very edge of that limit. At first glance the KeyPad looks well constructed, but when you attempt to type it soon becomes clear that only those with the smallest of digits will have any chance of typing accurately and at speed on this diminutive keyboard.

It measures just 218mm across, so if you’re looking for a keyboard that will fit into your pocket, look no further. The issue we have is that the main qwerty keys each measure only around 10x15mm, making for a very cramped typing position.

You don’t get any of the Apple-specific keys here. Overall, the keyboard feels like a Windows conversion, in fact, with just the Cmd key indicating its Mac credentials.

The KeyPad is an ultra compact keyboard that will certainly give your thumbs a workout, but don’t try to write a novel on it

Shipping with a retractable mini USB cable for recharging, the makers claim 120 hours with a full charge, which is impressive, and a potential lifesaver for road warriors and disorganised students. If you really dislike virtual keyboards, and want a physical keyboard to enter short pieces of text or reply to emails, the KeyPad will suffice, but don’t expect to comfortably write for long.

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