Cygnett SecondSkin case for iPad full review

The SecondSkin from Apple accessories specialist Cygnett is a form-fitting iPad case molded to fit your tablet like a glove insists the company. In reality, it’s more like a favourite sock, comfortable but a little saggy at the seams. Made from silicon, it has a not unpleasant rubbery feel and slips on and off the iPad with ease, thanks to the stretchy design. With cut outs for all the iPads controls, it adds an additional layer of protection without hindering performance.

 Lightweight and portable, the SecondSkin comes with raised base support ridges, running almost the length of the case on both left and right.  These are designed to add stability while using the tablet on a flat surface, and we can vouch that this works well even on a rather shiny work surface. The case is also comfortable to hold, the silicon absorbing any moisture from your fingers and palms, while protecting the iPad’s easily marked back.

Cygnett iPad

As we flagged up earlier, the flexible design is a little too flexible along the soft silicon lip that runs down the sides to keep the case in place. It’s particularly apparent when you use the iPad in portrait mode, although the tablet did stay firmly in place when we held it upside down. We all think Cygnett missed a good opportunity by not including a screen protector and cleaning cloth as part of the deal, especially as the iPad screen is left exposed. A list of UK Cygnett stockists can be found here.

(UPDATE: Cygnett assures Macworld that they haven't had any complaints about the case sagging and have been selling in large volumes. )

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