Dexim P-Flip full review

The P-Flip is a foldable dock for the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod touch that allows you to charge either device, not only when it’s plugged into your computer but also on the move. Even without a mains socket to hand, the P-Flip can replenish the battery with enough juice to give eight hours of talk time, 60 hours of music playback and around 15 hours of video consumption.

To charge up the P-Flip itself you’ll need to use the supplied USB cable that can be hooked up to any available port or one that will connect to the mains supply.

Using the P-Flip to sync either the iPhone or iPod touch with your computer is refreshingly quick and simple, while the folding dock also makes a natty stand for your Apple device.

There’s something of a trade-off for the convenience of having a portable power supply always at hand. You need to be quite disciplined in ensuring that the P-Flip itself is fully charged prior to leaving home. It takes a while to do this and we’re talking hours rather than minutes to get a full set of LEDs lit up, indicating that it’s ready to go. Any kind of protective cover needs to be taken off in order to fit an iPhone or iPod touch into the dock.

Nevertheless, once charged we found the P-Flip performed admirably whatever the task and it more than lived up to the long hours of usage claimed by the manufacturers.

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