Easi-Skins for iPhone, iPod full review

Easi-Skins is a relatively new UK company offering a range of protective skins for portable devices, including the iPhone and iPod, and more recently the MacBook, all of which are susceptible to marking and scratching. The promise here is that the results won't be a compromise, an ugly thick semi-transparent barrier between you and your lovely device. Another promise is that the process of fitting the skin won't require a visit to the local Apple Genius Bar for expert guidance or indeed the hands of a surgeon to fit precisely.

The first promise appears true, with the makers using the same sleek material used by Formula One teams to protect their competition cars. While not invisible to the eye, fitted correctly the effect is subtle and discreet. Self healing properties should ensure your skin's wear and tear is minimal insist the company and so far there appears to be no sign of any peeling. Dirt, however, does tend to stick to the skins' edges if you have an habit of shoving your phone or iPod anywhere.

The second promises requires your full attention to keep. Easi-Skins may be easier to fit than some, but you'll still need to read the instructions carefully and find time to fit the skin correctly. The pack comes with all the tools you'll need - Easi-Wipes for cleaning, microfibre cloth and rubber applicator - along with the Easi-Skins, both front and back, for fitting. Keep the slimline packaging to hand as the only instructions are on the back.

Wash those hands, clear your mind and find yourself suitable space to get started. Wipe down your device with the supplied Easi-Wipes to create a wet surface, remembering to include those corners. Having removed the skin from its protective backing you'll need to carefully glide the cover into place, sticky side down. There's room for maneuvering here, placing and unplacing, but only so much. You'll also need to avoid touching the sticky side with your fingers to avoid smudging and marking the skin. The supplied rubber applicator now comes in use trying to smooth out any air bubbles, which we found to be the most tricky and demanding part of the process. You'll need to pay attention to the corners and edges again.

Easi-Skins also offers a range of excellent tutorial videos online to ease along the process and these are recommended viewing even if you’re a dab hand at covering your iPhone or iPod. Easi-Skins insists the process can take up to 12 hours to fully cure and bed-in so bear that in mind before removing the skin and starting again. With some effort it has to be said, we achieved some respectable results, with a protective cover that for once doesn't look like frosted glass on a winter's day. For those with gadgets galore, Easi-Skins offers an increasingly varied range of covers for Apple, BlackBerry, Nintendo, Nokia, HTC and T-Mobile devices and are available from Micro Anvika (www.microanvika.com), Square Group (www.squaregroup.co.uk), So Connected (www.soconnected.co.uk) among other stores.

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