Edifier Exclaim e10 full review

At around £80, considerably less if you shop around, the Exclaim e10 from Edifier is an active bi-amped 2.0 speaker system designed essentially for desktop computers but also iPods, iPhones, at a push TVs and anyone on a budget. The Exclaim uses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation) technology, which Edifier insists produces an impressive sound. Each of the speakers comes with its own internal amplifier, array of active speakers with passive radiators, which combined promises 36 watts RMS of power. 

This all adds up to a solid sound that compliments well a range of musical styles, which is just as well as the speakers lack treble and bass controls and a separate subwoofer. As a desktop or laptop companion, the speakers don't require much in the way of positioning to find that 'sweet spot,' offering consistent playback anywhere you may place them.

 Edifier Exclaim e10

While the e10 speakers are neat and compact enough to manoeuvre easily, they follow Edifier's recent quirky design aesthetics with a look that will likely divide opinion. The speakers do look a little odd, with the two elements sitting slightly awkwardly together to create a very PC-centric appearance. Build is respectable and at 5.29lbs combined, are reassuringly weighty enough not to easily knock over during a bout of air guitar shredding.

We waited for a quiet moment to crank up the speakers, which did result in some distortion, but only at levels that would likely upset the neighbours and make for uncomfortable desktop listening. Sound also disappoints when the source is poor, most noticeably on anything with a low bit rate, including many streaming radio stations available within iTunes. Although this is common with all systems, its clearly more noticeable here.

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