Fidelio DS8550 review

While it is the most expensive dock on test, the Fidelio DS8550 also offers the best sound quality, with rich bass and super-clear trebles that transform any audio your iPad can provide. The DS8550 is solidly built too with a smart all-in-one design.

While an iPad can only be docked in portrait orientation, you can connect it via Bluetooth instead and use the included stand to position the iPad in either orientation, or even hold it in your hands for gaming. The Fidelio can also handle the iPhone 4 clad in a bumper case.

This dock packs a serious, sonic punch and offers Bluetooth connectivity


Philips provides a free app for all iOS devices that offers playback features, a clock, weather reports and audio controls that work in harmony with the dock. The benefits of superior sound and Bluetooth connectivity are certainly worth the additional expense, and if you shop around you’ll find the Fidelio for much less than the recommended price.

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