FitBit Zip full review

The FitBit Zip is a wireless activity tracker that syncs fitness data to your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Office workers are particularly prone to aches and pains, much of which can be fixed by sitting properly, taking regular monitor breaks and making sure you intersperse the hours spent staring at a computer screen with doing something active.

You don't need to shell out for a pricey gym membership - a brisk walk round the block or a stroll to the shops to get lunch will help. Spending every lunch hour updating your Facebook page or playing Diamond Dash won't. 

FitBit is a Wi-Fi-enabled activity tracker that works with your iPhone. The monitoring is done by a tiny clip-on device that measures how many steps you take each day. At the end of each week you get a summary suggesting whether you've reached a daily 10,000-step target or have been far too much of a couch potato.

It's not really a fitness gadget, but is compatible with RunKeeper and Endomondo, recognising trails you've blazed that those apps logged. You can encourage friends who also use FitBit, and earn incremental achievement badges. 

As well as sports, you can log activities from ironing and gardening to felling trees. Your step count doesn't increase, but the calories you burn are weighed against any meals you add to your food diary. Gentle and not-so-gentle weight loss goals can thus be set up. Ironically, you need to log into the FitBit dashboard and select or add foodstuffs, adding to your daily screentime. 

FitBit Zip activity monitor review

FitBit Zip activity monitor review

The FitBit Zip is available from John Lewis and elsewhere.

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