Fling Joystick for iPad full review

Attaching any kind of accessory to the screen of an iPad seems to rather defeat the whole point of having a touch-sensitive screen in the first place. However, the Fling joystick could come in handy if you play a lot of games on your iPad.

The Fling is little more than a small piece of plastic that attaches to the edge of the iPad screen with two suction caps (we were pleased to see that we could attach it to the screen protector overlay on our iPad without any problems either). A single button sits in the centre of the small, flexible spiral of plastic.

You place one finger on that button and then simply move it around to control your movement on the screen.
It’s not a bad idea, as we’ve often struggled when trying to control some action games on the iPad. However, it very much depends on the types of games that you’re playing. The design of the Fling means that it works best with games where movement is essentially two-dimensional – up, down, left and right.

We found that simpler games such as the old Galaga 2D shooter, and Dungeon Hunter – which only has a kind of pseudo-3D perspective – worked quite well with the Fling. However, more sophisticated games such as N.O.V.A. – a shooter with true 3D perspective – were less successful, as the Fling didn’t cope very well with the extra complexities of running around while also being able to look up and down.

The Fling attaches to the screen of your iPad and offers greater control over certain action games

There were some other types of game that didn’t work at all well. Racing games still work best by using the tilt-sensitive controls already built into the iPad, while the variety of running, jumping, and fighting moves in platform games such as Mirror’s Edge seemed too fiddly for the Fling’s simplistic controls.

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