Griffin + Threadless iPod touch case full review

With this latest range of iPod touch cases Griffin Technology has teamed up with Threadless to offer a stylish collection. Celebrating 10 years online, Threadless is a creative community producing fashionable t-shirt designs. Users can submit designs, slogans and take part in challenges, including designing t-shirts, iPod touch and iPhone cases.

A small selection of those iPod touch cases are now available here in the UK. Perhaps testing the water, Griffin has selected two designs, aimed at either male or female users.  Put a Needle on the Record by Steven Bonner comes in a classy grey and black design. "I thought it would be cool to treat the grooves like stitches on vinyl. Good simple stuff," says Bonner, who has been a Threadless member since 2005. I Wanna Dance by Robert Gould comes in bright pink and black. "From Dazed and Confused: 'What do you wanna do then? I wanna dance!'" Gould has been a Threadless member since 2004. Threadless offers the opportunity to download matching wallpaper for your iPod touch.

Griffin + Threadless

The US based Threadless store includes a much wider range of matching Griffin iPod and iPhone cases, along with rather attractive matching t-shirts. It would be good to see a wider selection here in the UK, without having to resort ordering from the US. In the UK, the Griffin + Threadless iPod touch case is currently available directly from Apple.

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