myTV 2Go full review

The myTV 2Go is a digital TV tuner for your iPad or iPhone. We liked the design of Hauppauge’s recent Broadway TV tuner, but the company’s lack of experience with Apple products was evident in the limited software that it provided for Macs and iOS devices. So, for its new myTV 2Go, the company has taken a slightly different tack.

Unlike the mains-powered Broadway, the myTV2Go is very much a portable device that is designed to be carried around with you. The compact little device contains a digital TV tuner for receiving standard-definition Freeview broadcasts, along with a small extendable aerial and a rechargeable battery that lasts for about three hours. It has built-in wifi (802.11g) for streaming the TV signal, so you don’t need to muck about with cables when you’re setting it up.

And, instead of trying to develop its own software this time, Hauppauge just went out and got the software from another company called Fuugo. Thankfully, the Fuugo software has a simple, efficient interface that makes it very easy to watch and record your favourite TV programmes. There’s a Fuugo app that you can download for iOS devices, and Mac and PC versions of the Fuugo software are included on CD as well, so you’ll have no trouble using the myTV 2Go to watch TV on a wide range of devices.

Or, to be more accurate, you’ll have no trouble as long as you’re in an area that has a very clear and strong Freeview signal. Hauppauge’s marketing blurb talks about using the myTV 2Go as you move from room to room at home, but the tiny little aerial on the myTV 2Go simply couldn’t pick up a signal in my block of flats at all. Unfortunately, there’s no option to connect it to a larger external aerial either, which means that the myTV 2Go is really most suitable for use outdoors or sitting by the window in a coffee shop somewhere.

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