HiRise for MacBook full review

Twelve South already offers a solid range of MacBook accessories, including the BookArc, BookBook, SurfacePad and BassJump 2. HiRise for MacBook is the latest addition, hot on the heels of the HiRise for iMac stand. Both stands add height and potentially ease the threat of aches and pains associated with sitting in front of a computer for any length of time. The latest HiRise lets users elevate their MacBook to the most comfortable viewing height, an option available from many stand manufacturers. What's new here is that you can adjust the HiRise from 3.7 inches (94mm) to 5.6 inches (142mm), to fine-tune the stand to accommodate the height of your desktop. 

HiRise for MacBook  

Beautifully designed and packaged, the HiRise needs a little adjusting out of the box, via a simple spring-loaded system, to find a height that best suits. Made from brushed metal with silicone-lined, V-shaped arms to keep your MacBook in place, it's a quality stand that compliments Apple's iconic design ethos well. Twelve South notes these arms offer plenty of space for air to circulate around your MacBook, keeping the potential for heat to build up to a minimum. Thankfully, the stand comes with Teflon rails, so you can move the HiRise around without fear the metal might scratch or mark your desktop.

 HiRise for MacBook

While relatively lightweight at 1.75 pounds (0.79 kg), the HiRise isn't very portable and will be of little use if you are constantly on the move, especially when accompanied by a second keyboard. Unless you have a spare lying around, you will need to budget for a keyboard and ideally mouse as the HiRise isn't designed for typing directly on. Usefully, if you are lucky enough to have a Thunderbolt Display to hand you can align the screen of your MacBook with the external display.

HiRise for MacBook

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