Hypermac Mini full review

HyperMac’s Mini may look like a brightly coloured hip flask, but it’s actually an external battery pack for iPods, iPhones, and other USB-powered gadgets. The design is really shiny - we picked out the bluey purple model, but all the colours would look great alongside a matching iPod nano.

The HyperMac Mini is pretty small, but probably not pocketable. It’s about the size of a big bar of Galaxy. It has a mains in socket and a mini USB in socket for charging the battery, alongside a 5V USB out socket for passing on the charge to your gadgets. The HyperMac Mini also comes with a mains charging cable, and a retractable iPod dock to USB cable.

The side of the unit also has an LED light that turns on when the Mini is getting low on charge.

Plug the Mini into the mains or your computer to charge up - the red light will come on. Deciphering what the light means is confusing at first - it doesn’t light up when charging a device (until it gets low).

Of course, the shape of the battery and the fact that you have to use cables means that you can’t really charge when you’re on the move. However, the HyperMac Mini gives you greater flexibility with its USB socket, and is fine for topping up while you eat your lunch or sit on a train.

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