HyperMac Stand full review

The iPad 2 has a pretty good battery life of around 10 hours, but if you’re a regular traveller you might still need the occasional top-up to keep it going. This is where the HyperMac Stand comes in.

As its name implies, the stand can be used as a straightforward support for the iPad itself. It has two grooves, which allow you to tilt the screen at an angle of either 18?or 45?, depending on whether you’re typing, reading, watching a movie, or catching up on your favourite TV show. It can also hold the iPad in both portrait and landscape orientation. We were initially a little worried that the deep grooves might be too large for the slimmer design of the iPad 2, but we didn’t have any problems using it in the stand.

Most impressively though, the base of the HyperMac Stand also contains a powerful battery pack that can recharge an iPad for a further 16 hours, providing an overall battery life of a whopping 26 hours.

There are two USB ports on the sides of the stand – one for charging the device itself, and another for charging the iPad. A series of five small LED lights on the front edge of the unit indicate the charging level.

The HyperMac stand contains a battery that provides a power boost.

It’s not quite as ‘pocket-sized’ as HyperMac claims. Measuring 153 x 107 x 29mm, you’d need fairly roomy pockets to hold it. However, you can easily slip it into a bag or backpack when you’re on the move. It’s a great device to have when travelling.

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