iChic Gear Calligrapher full review

The iChic Gear Calligrapher pen is one of a small number of dual-function iPad-compatible styluses. Available in two styles – Geneva and Zermatt – the Calligrapher is both iPad stylus and traditional pen in one. 

The pen is a decent-quality device should you still have the need to write. The iPad end is silicon and springy to the touch, and looks like a traditional pencil rubber. The idea is to flip from ink to iPad and back again effortlessly, and to some extent it works. 

But the Calligrapher doesn’t perform particularly well as an iPad drawing tool, especially if you include the pen cap, which makes it feel bulky and heavy when working with your iPad. We also believe calling the pen the Calligrapher is a little misleading, as anything but simple writing requires more than a ballpoint-style pen.

For added value, the Calligrapher comes with two spare pen refills, although these are buried in the packaging in such a way that they could easily be missed and thrown away.

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